stray dogs

A Friday morning visit to the industrial area in Doha for feed the stray dogs who are being helped by the animal welfare group Paw Love organized by Sam AlMannai.  Stray dogs in Qatar face a particularly unpleasant environment and are subject to many abuses.  Scores of dogs are regularly abandonned by their owners often being dumped in the industrial area.LYD_0435 LYD_0530 LYD_0527 LYD_0525 LYD_0523 LYD_0520 LYD_0515 LYD_0505 LYD_0504 LYD_0490 LYD_0484 LYD_0482 LYD_0478 LYD_0463 LYD_0461 LYD_0456 LYD_0455 LYD_0454 LYD_0453 LYD_0452 LYD_0448 LYD_0442 LYD_0440

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