VCU Annual Fashion Show 2016

Doha is chock-a-block full of events and one of my favorites is the Virginia Commonwealth University Annual Fashion Show.  This year I was fortunate to get front row seats courtesy of Doha News.  Although night or artificial light photography is not my forte, I did my best.  Here is a sample from the evening highlighting children’s, men’s and women’s fashion and visual delights in terms of design, creativity and fabrics.

The children’s fashions are always a crowd pleaser and this year the kids came out with adults wearing matching fashions.

Men’s fashions were represented as well in a dramatic and entertaining way.


Many of the fabrics used in the designs were lush!


The designs were theatrical and dramatic.


The designs could be enjoyed both coming and going, front to back!


Front row seats gave me a close up view of the shoes!


A show well worth attending!  Thank you, Doha News!

One thought on “VCU Annual Fashion Show 2016

  1. Thank you Lydia! We are glad you liked it!!
    Very nice work with your blog!! Seems you have a journalist inside you!! =)

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