Sweet (20)16 sixteen!

What better way to bid farewell to 2016 than by reviving itineranti with a retrospective look at the year in sweets!  Many of the desserts come from New York Times Cooking.  There are twelve of them, one for every month of the year.  Go ahead and try all of them or be inspired to search out your own on the associated websites.  To follow my cooking adventures in visual form go to my @instalydia account or simply search for #dohacooks or #phillycooks on Instagram.

Sweet (20) Sixteen!
Sweet (20) Sixteen!

N.B. the above collage was made with the ever-handy Pic Monkey collage maker!

#1    Lemon Honey Tart with Salted Shortbread Crust from Bon Appetit Magazine


Notes:  Use half the recommended crust.  I usually make a single crust and divide it between two tarts, doubling the filling recipe. I also make sure to cut the slivered lemon rinds into quarters instead of leaving them whole making them much easier to eat.

#2   Claudia Roden’s Orange and Almond Cake from New York Times Cooking




Notes:  From the very first time I tried this it was a winner.  If is FULL of orange containing 2 to 3 entire boiled oranges.  Boiling the oranges takes most of the time.  It is so moist and flavorful!  And it may interest some to know that it is made entirely from almonds…no wheat flour at all.

#3     Cranberry Curd Tart   from New York Times Cooking




Notes:  The leftover cranberry solid can easily be reused as a sauce by adding the zest and juice of one orange and a few spices (cinnamon, cloves).

#4      Candied Grapefruit Peel from Bon Appetit Magazine




Notes:  I originally became enchanted with candied citrus peel after watching Mimi on a cooking show and I have blogged before about her orange peel.  But I have to admit that nothing beats this grapefruit peel!

#5      Lemon-Almond Butter Cake from New York Times Cooking

(alas no picture has yet been located…stay tuned!)

Note:  If you are in a hurry just make the lemon curd!  I couldn’t believe it was such a simple recipe and one of my all time favorites.  You should aslo serve the extra lemon curd with the cake as one can never get enough!

#6      Nectarine Tart from New York Times Cooking




Notes:  As is essential to all good desserts, this one is a stunner visually!  I love making it for that very reason.  Be sure to serve it with a large dollop of fresh whipped cream!

#7     Lemon-frosted Pistachio Cake from New York Times Cooking


Notes:  I didn’t have the rosewater for this recipe but I imagine that the orange blossom water would work equally well.  The icing is the key to this dessert.

#8      Almond-Lemon Macaroons (Almendrados) from New York Times Cooking




#9     Honey-Glazed Pear Upside-Down Cake from New York Times Cooking


Notes:  This was the first time I had played with caramel and used a frying pan from stovetop to oven but it worked out well.

#10      Pear Clafoutis from New York Times Cooking


Note:  Without a crust this dessert is in the lighter category.  It nicely infused with a vanilla flavor as well.

#11     Coconut  Nut Macaroons from New York Times Cooking


Notes:  You can use any flavoring and nuts.  I favor orange blossom water over vanilla.  This is a nice recipe to pair with the lemon tart as you can use the leftover egg whites. It is also ridiculously easy in sharp contrast to the lemon tart.

#12     Edna Lewis’s Spiced Pears


Notes: My mother’s favorite, especially served with some vanilla ice cream.  Just a fair warning…these have the strong flavor of vinegar as well as filling up the house with a vinegar aroma during cooking.

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